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Panamanian Cooking Experience in a "fonda style" studio

Panamanian Cooking Experience in a "fonda style" studio

A "fonda" is a street food stand where you can find panamanian staple foods at affordable prices. We have made a "fonda style" cooking studio located in the historic district of Santa Ana, inside the Salsipuedes Street, a non turisty area with history.

Taste Kitchen offers great private location for small groups up to 4 people, where you will learn about Panama while tasting new recipes.

Traditional Panamanian Food

Every Wednesday - 4:30 PM

Preparing Panama's favorite meals is easy and fun. Traditional panamanian food usually includes pork, beef or chicken.

Afro Panamanian Food

Every Friday - 4:30 PM

The most popular Afro panamanian meals includes mainly fish and seafood as the main protein. Marinated in such delicious ways for you to learn and enjoy at the end of the night.

Panamanian Breakfast Staples

Every Sunday - 10:00 AM

A delicious and fun start the day! This morning experience shows our most beloved recipes for breakfast. So easy you're going to make them all the time at home!